DNS Building
Dart NeuroScience LLC (DNS) is a Delaware company formed in 2007. On January 1 2012, Helicon Therapeutics, Inc. merged with DNS. DNS is discovering new technologies and developing new therapies to help maintain cognitive vitality throughout life. The company will continue to grow to more than 250 employees and recently relocated to its new facility (above) in Scripps Ranch, San Diego.

In 2015 Dart NeuroScience LLC will host the 2nd Annual Extreme Memory Tournament -- a series of short, exciting, head-to-head memory battles where competitors face off, challenge their memories in extreme ways, and win big.

Last, but not least, Dart NeuroScience is proud to announce the launch of the The Extreme Memory Challenge -- an online memory task that scientists at Dart NeuroScience (DNS) have developed to help them identify people with the best memory in the world.