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Curious about what it's like to work at DNS? We asked our employees and they offered the following thoughts:

"Provides excellent facilities, funding, and a team environment for drug discovery and development."

"A very collaborative culture, with many opportunities to learn about various scientific areas and drug discovery. DNS offers the ability to interact with people on all levels."

"DNS provides excellent state of the art equipment to perform great science. The work here is challenging in a good way."

"The atmosphere at DNS is comfortable and science focused. The resources provided to researchers are fantastic, I rarely feel limited by resources when it comes to generating data/results. I also feel that management is willing to invest in resources to further enable my job function. My co-workers and the culture make DNS a place that I want to work at."

"Unparalleled access to cutting edge technology and incredible scientific talent makes DNS a world class research organization."

"I feel I am given a great deal of latitude to accomplish my work. I believe there is opportunity to prove myself and be recognized and rewarded for my efforts. The people here are exceptional."

"What we do is innovative, challenging, cutting edge, and an opportunity to be a trailblazer. Everyone works hard towards a common goal, but yet we are a team and still have some fun interaction along the way. Employees are respectful and courteous. DNS recognizes the importance in work life balance, incorporating families, opportunities for wellness and life management."

"Scientists and personnel are knowledgeable, and are easy to work with. It is a collegial atmosphere."

"DNS cares for its employees and treats them with great respect. The culture at DNS is to work hard but also have time to enjoy life and family as well."

"DNS is a unique opportunity to pursue difficult and stimulating scientific questions, armed with great resources."

"Great perks/fringe benefits: coffee, gym, cafe, sports courts, beautiful facility. Friendly people and a welcoming environment. Challenging and fast paced but we're still able to have a work/life balance."